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Blockchain Future of Trust Summit 2017

Global Challenges, Startup Solutions
Co-creating the next operating system for society


Blockchain Future of Trust Summit 201728th of September, The Hague

“We get to participate in redesigning and building the fabric of our civilisation.”

Nicolas Cary at Dutch Blockchain Hackathon 2017Co-founder and president at Blockchain.com

“I can very effectively help these teams, as they are working on my number one political concern right now.”

Alexander Rinnooy Kan at Dutch Blockchain Hackathon 2017Dutch Senator

“We come at a time where blockchain has an incredible potential to deliver change for the good, and at this time your are organizing this hackathon.”

H.R.H. Prince Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau at Dutch Blockchain Hackathon 2017Special-Envoy Startup Delta

“Its exciting to help seed the next set of innovators.”

Christopher Ferris at Dutch Blockchain Hackathon 2017CTO Open Technology at IBM

Blockchain Futureof Trust Summit

Together with 200+ hand picked key players from startups to CEO’s, from government decision makers to leading (blockchain) entrepreneurs, from investors to scientists and politicians we will dive into the future of trust, crystalize a collective understanding towards clear use cases and pre-sort for a whole new season of building prototypes and doing business.

The Startups & Investors:

The Netherlands is the best possible place in the world for starting, growing and internationalizing blockchain business, and is the number one gateway to the rest of Europe. StartupDelta, lead by special envoy HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, is continuously building the Dutch startup ecosystem, by breaking down barriers and improving access to talent, capital, networks, knowledge and markets.

The Launching Customers:

Initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, lead by Chairman René Penning de Vries, unites 4 Ministeries and 25 Corporates and large organizations in their venture to create fundamental, scientifically solid building blocks for a flourishing ecosystem, like Identity and IoT solutions. The coalition assumes a leading role and joint responsibility for an Action Agenda.

The Ecosystem where the action happens:

The Dutch Blockchain Hackathon, organized by DutchChain, founded by Rutger van Zuidam, mobilizes an open multidisciplinary ecosystem of 1600+ members (and growing) focused on building solutions and one collective mission: co-creating the next operating system for society. This international innovation accelerator with an annual programme unites launching customers (government and corporate) and startups from all over the world in over 10 preparative meetups, to collaborate in the largest blockchain hackathon in the world, which was first held in February 2017. With the inaugural annual Blockchain Future of Trust Summit, we kick off the second season!

On the 28th of September we will reach for the next level. We will kick off our second season with the Blockchain Future of Trust Summit 2017. For Global Grand Challenges, the Netherlands invites leading authorities in the fields of trusts, blockchain and transformation, to join 21 Round Tables. Here, launching customers (government and corporate), looking for solutions on a quest for future trust, are joined by the best blockchain startups and the most prudent, forward thinking investors, as well as scientists, developers, politicians, board and tech leaders. Together we will create a full day of collaboration, inspiration, doing business and growing, in the largest open blockchain ecosystem in Europe, at the heart of the Dutch democracy: The Hall of Knights/ Ridderzaal.

During one day of hard work you will learn how blockchain specifically impacts you and your organization. You will figure out your role in the ecosystem, find out what you can do and how, and you will make useful connections and actually pre-seed to do business.





Hackathon meetsHall of Knights

  • Hackathon energy meets Hall of Knights elan.Bringing talent, expertise and acceleration power together. Bright brains meets solid shoulders of society.
  • Not just ten leading keynote speakers on a stage, but 200+ leading pioneers at work. Working together to aim for business and to learn from each other. Creating use-cases and making real connections to table companions and fellow pioneers.
  • 200+ Handpicked participants.Participating because of your personal value for the ecosystem instead of entering just because you are able to buy a ticket for a conference.
  • Global Challenges, startup solutions.Co-creating the next operating system for our society, with risk takers and system owners working side by side.
  • 8 to 10 Companions at Round Tables.Be seated at a table, acting as mini-ecosystem with a launching customer, a developer, a startup, an investor, a government official, a politician, an entrepreneur and a scientist at every table.

From Blockchainto the Future of Trust

  • Blockchain technology is changing the fundamentals of our society.
  • This means a shift from institutional based systems of trust towards forms where trust is distributed collectively among all members of networks/ ecosystems.
  • How can we organize trust in a safe, sustainable and scalable way, so we enable anyone and anything to participate meaningfully in our transformative world?

Blockchain Future of Trust Summit - Round Table Sessions

Welcoming - Registration
Morning Coffee and Meet the Startups Exhibition
Opening - HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau
Keynote:  Robert Opp - WFP Innovation and Change Management Division Director
Round Table session 1 - Exploration of quests
Talkshow - Startups & Investors - Venturing out
  • Wienke Giezeman - Initiator, The Things Network;
  • Dominik Schiener - Co-founder, IOTA;
  • Daniel Gasteiger - Founder Procivis AG;
  • Jeroen van Megchelen - Ledger Leopard;
  • Björn Wagner - Parity;
Round Table session 2 - Global Challenges, Startup success.
Talkshow - Growing the Ecosystem in the Netherlands
  • René Penning de Vries - Chairman Dutch Blockchain Coalition;
  • Rutger van Zuidam - Founder DutchChain.com, Organizer Dutch Blockchain Hackathon;
  • Joep Beukers - APG Pension Fund;
  • Mark Bressers - Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs;
Break - walk in for the Ecosystem Expo

Blockchain Future of Trust Summit - Ecosystem Expo

(Doors open & registrations)
Keynote - Kaspar Korjus - Managing director - e-Residency program of Estonia
Ecosystem Standup - 1
  • Johan Pauwelse - Delft University of Technology
Ecosystem Standup - 2
  • Sandra van Heukelom-Verhage - Pels Rijcken
  • Erik Gerritsen - Dutch ministry of Health
  • Idius Felix - National Healthcare Institute
  • Jeroen van Megchelen - Ledger Leopard
  • 16.55
    Rutger van Zuidam - Founder DutchChain.com, Organizer Dutch Blockchain Hackathon;
    Opening of the Ecosystem Expo - Stef Blok - Minister of Security and Justice
    17.15 - 19.00
    Marketplace, Networking, Drinks & Bites

    Programme Approach(from Quests and Use Cases to Prototypes and Business)


    Table companionsx 21 - 28 tables

    We will bring together people that need each other: launching customers with quests and startups and developers to deliver solutions, investors who can accelerate, politicians, regulators and officials who can free their ways and scientists who can deepen. We arrange every of 21 to 28 round table manually to secure valuable connections.


    Global GrandChallenges

    These are the global challenges the Netherlands aims at being a fertile ground for on blockchain-based solutions. If these solutions have the potential to create a global impact, they have the chance to be recruited and embraced by a thematic ecosystem on each of these challenges: launching customers, government officials and investors are all looking for start-up solutions to support.

    Public Safety & Security


    The Future of pensions

    Financial inclusion

    Re-inventing government & Identity

    Energy Transition

    Food & Agriculture


    (Smart) Mobility


    (Smart) Industry


    How to attend this summit?

    • We have received an overwhelming response on the Round Table Sessions of more than 500 applications.
    • All applications were selected based on motivation and possible contribution to the ecosystem.
    • The Round Table Sessions, where 250 seats are available, are FULLY BOOKED, you can still apply for the Ecosystem Expo, starting at 16.00.

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    AboutDutch Blockchain Coalition


    The Dutch Blockchain Coalition is a jointly developed public-private partnership by industry, government and knowledge institutions. The coalition is initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, under the programmatic label 'Dutch Digital Delta'. The aim of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition is to create the conditions for reliable and socially acceptable blockchain applications. The coalition assumes a leading role and joint responsibility for an Action Agenda.

    The need for a Dutch Blockchain Coalition

    Blockchain is a young technology, which makes digital trust possible. We are in the initial phase and so we still need to discover where are the actual possibilities and pitfalls. The social, economic, technical and legal expertise in this area is still only present to a limited extent within specialised companies and at knowledge and research institutions. The importance of the best-known blockchain – Bitcoin – is, although conceptually brilliant, still relatively limited and there are currently no large-scale operational market implementations outside of the financial sector.

    Share and collaborate

    Many exploratory initiatives surrounding blockchain are being realised in the Netherlands within industry, the government and knowledge institutions. Several initiatives are already approaching the prototype phase and are expected to be operational shortly. Both industry and government currently want and need to realise synergy between these initiatives, to facilitate the flexible use of these for more fundamental problems, and to consolidate and share the lessons learned. Among all parties there is a considerable willingness not only to collaborate on an intrasectoral and cross-sectoral basis and to further investigate such collaboration, but also to create coherency between policy, legislation, supervision, enforcement and implementation.

    The Dutch Blockchain Coalition currently focuses on the following lines of action:

    • Development of blockchain building blocks: Digital Identities
    • Realisation of conditions for the use of blockchain
    • Development and realisation of the Human Capital Agenda

    How to join the Dutch Blockchain Coalition

    The coalition is permanently open for experts and stakeholders who want to make a contribution so that the coalition realises the maximum result. In this process, it will be continuously considered where the best match lies between the expertise offered and the interest of the programme. Interested support, research and educational partners can read further here

    AboutStartup Fest Europe


    Our purpose is to boost startups by connecting founders, investors and corporates. StartupFest Europe features inspiring events, fun & energizing meetups, deep dives and deal-making.

    Startup Fest Europe is all about raising money, making deals, scaling your business, and changing the world.

    Startup Fest Europ is organized by StartupDelta.

    We believe in the added value of strengthening, connecting and growing the thriving startup ecosystem of the Netherlands. We see the Netherlands as the best possible place for starting, growing and internationalizing business, and as a gateway to the rest of Europe.

    Our mission

    With our unique connection to all layers of government, corporations and the main innovation hubs, we aim to merge the Dutch startup ecosystem into one single connected hub. We break down barriers and improve access to talent, capital, networks, knowledge and markets.

    AboutDutch Blockchain Hackathon


    Co-creating the next operating system for our society!

    Where launching customers, investors, governments, corporates, startups, scale-ups, NGOs, universities and regulators connect, share and collaborate. Where winning solutions that focus on improving society are guided towards implementation and scalable growth.

    We support and accelerate your connections, your solution, your team, your consortium in our full year open innovation programme with:

    • preparing conferences: launching customers and the best solution providers are brought together in an ecosystem to develop use cases and building blocks; (Sept - March)
    • the biggest blockchain hackathon in the world (April)
    • teams and partners accelerate solutions in tailor made acceleration meetups; (May - June)

    The Dutch Blockchain Hackathon is an open ecosystem. We welcome the big and the small, the public and the private, the people and the machines.

    Want a taste of ecosystem driven innovation?

    Read the EU Case Study:

    Dutch Blockchain Hackathon brings together all stakeholders